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Forex Economic Announcements & Updates | ZFX


Please be advised that the following instruments’ trading sessions will be affected by 4th of July 2022 public holiday:

Symbol 01/07/2022
HK50 Closed Open Open
ChinaH Closed Open Open
US30 Open 18:00-23:01 Closed Open
NAS100 Open 18:00-23:01 Closed Open
SPX500 Open 18:00-23:01 Closed Open
USDX Open Open till 18:00 Open
USOIL Open 18:15-23:01 Closed Open
USOIL_Q2 Open 18:15-23:01 Closed Open
UKOIL Open Open till 18:15 Open
UKOIL_U2 Open Open till 18:15 Open
NG Open 18:15-23:01 Closed Open
XAUUSD Open 19:30-23:01 Closed Open
XAGUSD Open 19:30-23:01 Closed Open
XPTUSD Open 15:00-23:01 Closed Open
XPDUSD Open 15:00-23:01 Closed Open
COPPER Open 19:30-23:01 Closed Open
JAPAN225 Open 18:00-23:01 Closed Open
EURO50 Open 21:00-23:01 Closed Open
GER40 Open 21:00-23:01 Closed Open
FRA40 Open 21:00-23:01 Closed Open
UK100 Open 21:00-23:01 Closed Open
US30_U2 Open 18:00-23:01 Closed Open
NAS100_U2 Open 18:00-23:01 Closed Open
SPX500_U2 Open 18:00-23:01 Closed Open
JAPAN225_U2 Open 18:00-23:01 Closed Open
GER40_U2 Open 21:00-23:01 Closed Open
UK100_U2 Open 21:00-23:01 Closed Open
CoffeeAr Open Closed Open
CoffeeAr_U2 Open Closed Open
Corn Open Closed 14:30 Open
Corn_U2 Open Closed 14:30 Open
Cotton Open Closed Open
Cotton_U2 Open Closed Open
SugarRaw Open Closed Open
SugarRaw_V2 Open Closed Open
SugarWh Open Open till 17:00 Open
SugarWh_Q2 Open Open till 17:00 Open
CocoaUS Open Closed Open
CocoaUS_U2 Open Closed Open
US Share CFDs Open Closed Open

ZFX / Zeal Capital Market